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photo by Jill Houser

Getting to know all about you.”

Hi all! And when I say all I mostly just assume it’s only my Dad who would read my “About Me” section for a cooking blog. I’m Sharon of Funny Girl Foods. Originally from sunny Florida, I live with my husband and two pups in mostly sunny Colorado.

I’m a professionally trained Pastry Chef, and graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in St Helena, California. I’ve worked all over the country for Cupcake Wars Winners, Top Chefs (and Bottom Chefs), cake makers and bakers. I’ve been a pastry chef in the Napa Valley and even ran a cooking school here in Northern Colorado. Currently I’m a private chef, blogger, and a damn good home cook.

Isn’t writing a blog similar to writing a manifesto, in that no one cares?

Correct you are! As a lifelong introvert and self proclaimed narcissist I needed an outlet for both. But hey, we all gotta eat. I’m hoping to use this platform to share some of my favorite recipes, tips, tricks, techniques, and food memories. Food education is a pillar of my food philosophy and I love helping others become more confident cooks. And if nothing else I’m giving people who don’t like me a platform to correct my grammar.

“Funny Girl Foods…So you like think you’re like really funny?”

Yes, I do.

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